Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Property Manager

Are you considering a real estate property management company in the Dominican Republic? We have outlined some of the top reasons why a property management company is in your best interest when it comes to renting and managing your home. Many vacation home owners travel often, and enjoy the supplementary income that private home rentals can provide.

The main difference between a property management company and a rental agency is that a rental agency merely rents the property and collects tenant’s payments, but not much more. A property management company will ensure that your real estate property is also well maintained and supervised.

You made an important decision to invest in real estate and the next important decision is how to best care for it. Working with a professional and reputable property management company such as OneClickCabarete to manage your condo or villa is a crucial aspect in assuring that your real estate investment is protected.

Can’t I just do it myself? Sometimes owners opt to handle all the tasks and demands of managing a property on their own. Over time, what they realize is, they don’t have the experience. Also, in the Dominican Republic, things may function differently. There may be a language barrier, or lack of understanding of how things operate. It is helpful to have a professional to help navigate the process for you, and ensure your property if well taken care of.

Top 5 Reasons to Work with a Property Manager:

  • Increase Your Revenue – Make your real estate property work for you by using it as a source of supplemental income. Augmenting revenue is one of the main reasons it benefits owners who rent their property to work with a property management company they trust. The meticulous handling of the many details of managing your property to properly ensure the comfort of your tenants, and yourself, is one of the many responsibilities of an experienced management firm.

  • Local Experts – It is important to be in good hands with a reliable local agency that knows the area, and does the work for you. Everything from finding and screening tenants, collecting rent, and attending to home maintenance is best handled by a professional familiar in these areas. Emergencies do happen, anything from bad weather, a leak in the middle of the night, wear and tear that comes with using appliances needing replacement/repair, even the cable or internet not functioning. This can be especially stressful if you are out of the country and there is a complaint from a tenant. If your home is unoccupied, having a dependable management firm on-call to handle everything is in your best interest.

  • Good Communication & Availability – Good communication with a professional firm that is available when you need them is crucial. OneClickCabarete team speaks and writes fluent English, French, and Spanish and is always available by phone, email or in person. Professional client relations are a priority and we are service oriented.

  • Frequent Bookings & Rentals – What are your goals? A property manager should be able to address your needs and provide the right amount of bookings; long term/ short term/ holidays/etc. according to what you want, and be flexible to adapt to future changes in scheduling needs. Promoting your property in a professional manner ensures frequent bookings with suitable tenants.

  • Professional Management– An established firm is one that truly has the skills to attend to all your property management needs, and strives to meet your rental goals. A dependable property management firm will ensure that your condo or villa is regularly checked-up on and maintained, the pool and landscaping is well-kept, and handle any emergencies that arise. You can expect that everything is handled in a professional and timely manner

It is worth the effort in the long run to build a relationship with a property management agency with experience and “know-how” who will attend to all these needs, that works with you in the process of what your goals are, and provides the necessary guidance. It can be a long difficult road to making a connection with the right agency, seeking suitable tenants, acquiring your forever home, and the desirable conditions to find your way. It’s about how you want to run your property and getting satisfaction from it. With the right agency looking out for your best interests, things can turn out beautifully.

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