Cabarete Carnaval – 4th Annual, March 17, 2018

Carnaval in Cabarete will be celebrated with a parade and beach party on Saturday, March 17, 2018, beginning at 3:30pm. OneClick Cabarete is a proud sponsor of this event.

A time for joyous celebration and spectacle, the Dominican Republic is famous for world-renowned Carnival festivities, with parades held in Puerto Plata, Santo Domingo, Monti Cristi and the famous La Vega, which hosts one of the islands oldest and longest-running parades.

Carnaval is distinguished by its colorful costumes that symbolize many religious and traditional characters such as Calife, Guloya, or the famous Diablo Cojuelo. It takes a year to make the handmade costumes, and there is always a story to tell. Each town has its own customs and unique flair, but the festivities are enjoyed by young and old, welcoming locals and tourists alike to partake in the fun.

The history of Carnaval dates back to the 1500s, with eclectic influences from Spanish culture as well as other European and African countries. The lively parades have incredible dancing, art, and music and are not to be missed.

Unique Carnaval Parade in Cabarete

The Cabarete Carnaval began in March 2015, founded by local artisans, and includes several “comparsas” of the countryThe Carnaval of Cabarete is not simply a parade, but a festival that combines and unites the multiculturalism of the various sectors of the community, each serving as a stage for this colorful event.

The unique organization offers the community as a whole the privilege to enjoy the varied colorful costumes and characters, as it begins in the Callejon De La Loma, continues in the town center down “Calle Principal”, proceeding to a grand finale on the beach of Cabarete.

The Cabarete Carnaval is a celebration of Folkloric-Cultural development for the whole family, free and open for all. 

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Carnaval de Cabarete 2017

Un re-cap del Carnaval de Cabarete 2017, lleno de vida y color ❇︎ #carnavalcabareterd Créditos: Buchanan's República Dominicana

Posted by Carnaval Cabarete RD on Saturday, November 18, 2017